The Recycled Guitar (I Was Lost And Found)🎸😢© 


Dear Survivor,

Take a look at the acoustic guitar I found on the 9th of May, 2016 in the picture.🎸

On the 8th of May 2016, I was looking for the right title for one of my unfinished projects, and the Holyspirit gently whispered in my ears, “recycled…” I felt a bit reluctant, and I was like hmmm,…recycled-recycled?… In the end, however, I googled the word- ‘recycled’ and was thinking what it has to teach about life.🔍

On my way home from my son’s school; a day after I received the word ‘recycled ‘- which was on the 9th of May 2016 at 3:30pm, my attention was drawn to the guitar placed outside the communal bins area; I looked around to see if anyone was watching me picking up the rubbish (a beautiful curvy acoustic guitar) that just needs love and new home. And finally, there-you can see my new friend relaxing on the chair and welcomed to ‘her’ new family, I’d say.💞

Apparently, If there’s one thing that people don’t seem to be able to get enough of, it is true LOVE. So, to have someone treat you like a human being, that’s really significant.💝

My ongoing fascination with the possibility of playing a designer guitar in the future got me practicing by wiggling my fingers on my waist everytime I sing. However, I couldn’t afford to buy one, but God-The great provider provided me the beautiful abandoned -acoustic guitar -that deeply inspired my soul and reminds me of what The Holyspirit said to me, a day before the guitar was found-“Recycled .”

The guitar brought me to tears because, that used to be me before God took me out of the pit of destruction(Psalm 40:2) and smiled on me. I could easily have ended up in drug business or prostitution and finally in jail. But, God’s mercy said, “NO!”

By God’s grace, I am going to spend less to buy extra strings, guitar bag and also learn to play it and make it sound as beautiful as possible .

To the one reading this, do you sometimes feel you have lost your sparkles because you feel used and dumped, betrayed, ridicled, rejected, criticised and misjudged? Whenever you are tempted to feel like all hope is gone, always remember the recycled- guitar’s story.

Above all, If you seek first the kingdom of God, all things shall be added unto you (Mathew 6:33).

Help is on its way (Psalm 55:22).👣

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Published by Kikelomo Ayanlade

Kikelomo is the founder of The Planned Journey Ministries, a multi- passionate entrepreneur| Preacher| Writer - and a prominent advocate for spreading goodness and ministering to people's deepest needs.

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