Positive Affirmation: Grace🌞


Dear Survivors,

The nature of man is weak and vulnerable to sin, since the  begining of time. And the wages of our sinful nature is death. In Psalm 51: 5, David said, “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.”

However, God truly cares about us, irrespective of our wicked nature. Through Jesus, he provided a way to rekindle our relationship with him, and to free us from the bondage of sin  ( John 3: 16)- what a value this places on us.

To the shame of the devil, thank God for His amazing grace. And remember, in everything you do, don’t take God’s grace for granted.

Make God proud today.

You are great! 🌞



Published by Kikelomo Ayanlade

Kikelomo is the founder of The Planned Journey Ministries, a multi- passionate entrepreneur| Preacher| Writer - and a prominent advocate for spreading goodness and ministering to people's deepest needs.

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