It’s Time To Remove Toxic People From Your Life🐍🦂

Dear Survivor, It is time to do some  cleaning  in your life.🚿 If you are  confused, depressed and struggling to walk in God’s plan for your life, check yourself and the people  you  surround yourself with. The  people you surround yourself with have the weapon to mould you, or, break you- they are either  forContinue reading “It’s Time To Remove Toxic People From Your Life🐍🦂”

Count Your Blessings🌞

Dear Survivor, I am blessed watching you count your blessings-it is contagious! Always  remind yourself about how God has been so good to you- regardless of what is happening in your life, or, what is not happening. Sometimes you think he has forgotten you, and looking the other way. Things may look dark and bleakContinue reading “Count Your Blessings🌞”

I Won’t Give Up👣

Encouraging Scriptures/Affirmations: A message for you: Dear Survivor, it is not over until it is over.God says, I should tell you to trust the process he is taking you through. Just trust him, and never make a move to give up on his plan for your life. You are great!🌞 Encouraging Scriptures/Affirmations: